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When performing a Thirdlane backup, the system does a fairly thorough job backing up all required files for a restoration, EXCEPT it does not include the PlcmSpIp directory. given that this directory holds the generated configuration files for all phone configured in the system, it should be included in the backup for a truly 1 click, 1 step backup process for Thirdlane.

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and would all compress quite nicely, other than those pesky bloated polycom images :)

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I have not dealt with provisioning in a while but from what I remember some phones write log files to the provisioning directory. If that is the case, would the restore mess things up?

Also, any advice on which files to include and which to ignore?

Alex Epshteyn
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I know Polycoms are pretty log-happy, but I can't think of any problems that might arise from logs being restored from backup. Some phones upload appended config files when users change settings locally, but you'd want to restore those too anyway.

Speaking of Polycom, I'd exclude the .ld files as they can be easily re-downloaded and would make the backup file huge, make backup take forever, and they do not compress at all. My PlcmSpIp directory is 1.2 GB and 95% of it is .ld files.

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I just add PlcmSpIp directory to my webmin-backup setup, along with the one thidlane makes..


because in the webmin-backup module I can name the destination file with %a so that the name of the file contains the abbreviated name of the week




this gives me a sort of historical archive of 7 days, just in case I have to restore something from a couple days ago (like a VM message)

Erik Smith
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