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T41S Provisioning

Posted by hfourie on Thu, 05/25/2017

Hi all,

Yealink is replacing the T41P with the T41S (and also the other T4x phones too)

Apparently yhey are faster etc, but with a new V81 firmware. Also the new firmware will unify the T4xS range, which is agood idea.

However, will the T41S work with thirdlane provisioning? Has anyone tried it?


Submitted by eeman on Thu, 05/25/2017 Permalink

that depends on if they stayed with the same config in v81. At the bare minimum you're looking at building support to move all the firmware for the devices to v81 instead of 80. If there are config changes that depreciated, or worse schema changes like going from v6x -> v7x it would be a bigger investment. you can test with the 41p configuration file and manually installing correct firmware on the phone to see what results you get. If it works to your satisfaction then the investment to include that device would be minimal. It really depends on how big of a scope we are talking here. Moving all T4xP/G devices to v81 would take more time than adding a specific T4xS model and its subsequent firmware file. However if all the T4 series is getting an 'S' (can we say apple wannabies?) then you're probably better off sponsoring the conversion of everything to v81 and and just adding the extra firmware for the S series devices. It would be less work that way.

Submitted by hfourie on Fri, 05/26/2017 Permalink

Thanks for the info. I have been told by my supplier that the whole range is being replaced with the "S" versions and we are no longer able to get the T41P.
I have a T41S coming today, so will see what works and what doesnt. I have also only just got VPN working on the T41P, and fear I might have to start again with the T41S.
Time will tell. Will report back.

Submitted by hfourie on Fri, 05/26/2017 Permalink

Good news. The T41S works fine with the T41P template. I did the firmware manually, but I guess it can be done with some back end work and manually uploading the file to the server.

However, for the most part, provisioning works, which bodest well for the whole range as they will bow have a unified firmware across the T4x range.