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We have an issue that crops up occasionally - We make changes in the GUI, but they don't appear to write to the database. For example, I create a new extension, auto provision the phone, the phone takes the settings, but won't register due to wrong password (show in the logs). I run SIP show peers, but the new extension isn't there. The only fix we currently have for this is to reboot the server after business hours so it doesn't interrupt active calls. Is there another way to synchronize without rebooting or has anyone experienced this/have a resolution? We're currently running MTE



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I had this issue a few years back, disabled "realtime asterisk" and never had it since

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It should work, and having to restart the server should not be required. We apply updates with less than 1-minute delay as we batch them to minimize reloads. I am talking specifically about 10.X - in earlier versions updates were instantaneous.

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