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We have a school utilizing 11.25.1.

We have x amount of extensions registered and we also have say 25 special mailboxes for the teachers.

Callers can be transferred to the special mailbox.

Callers cannot enter the special mailbox via entering the mailbox number off the IVR because it is not an ‘extension’

The caller also cannot enter the mailbox via the directory because the the mailbox is not an extension.

Is there anyway for a caller to reach the mailbox on their own without being transferred ?

Is there a way for a caller to reach the voicemail box via the directory without having to increase the number of seat license?


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It would be kind of a pain in the ###, but if you want to avoid using licenses, you could create feature codes for each special mailbox, which then can be dialed during an IVR interaction.

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I thought of that but the problem is, the context supplied to the directory module is 'local-extensions' and I believe that is where the license manages so I dont think I can back-end additional local-extensions.

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just assign feature codes that use the mailbox number as the feature code number. Then you should be able to reach feature codes if you enable that option from your IVR or from Directory.

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