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Has anyone used the special lines setup?
Can you please give me an example of what you would use it for?

Chris A

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  1. a kitchen phone that doesnt need advanced userextension features. It just needs to ring.
  2. an employee has a second sip phone at home. He wants both phones to ring when you call extension 521 and he wants the phone at home to look for mailbox changes in his office extension. In fact he doesnt want seperate voice mail at all, he wants to share them.
    • in this case you make the home phone a special line registration and change the script for his 521 extension to multidevice-exten. It will have you pick additional phones to ring.

Erik Smith
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Hi folks,

I've read this post, the documentation as well as searched the forums without understanding how to use this feature. My own testing attempts have only been partially successful.

Can someone elaborate a bit on the steps and details of the second (home) extension scenario? (Erik's #2 above)

Thanks in advance and I apologize if this is a stupid question,