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All of us that use Thirdlane or any other SIP Trunk interface into a PBX. I have tried to find a simple, useful third party if necessary, way to get reports on simultaneous Trunk usage. I'd like to keep a certain amount of overhead trunks available and need to know this.

I can get a report from my SIP trunk provider who sells by simultaneous SIP channels within the trunk. I guess what I'm looking for is actually simultaneous channels being used with in our SIP trunk connection with our upstream and I can look at in somewhat real time.

Pardon my ignorance on the use of the terms to try to describe what I'm looking for.

In earlier versions of MTE there were some graphical reports available, but those are now gone and didn't work very well...

Anybody have any ideas or maybe even third party solutions, or a chance that Thirdlane might include this is a future release?