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as a reseller it would be nice to have an automated, semi-automated way of including our own scripts and merging into a deployed pbx.

maybe as simple as TL adding another set of includes. (we have scripts and user_scripts) how about library_scripts....


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here is what we do..

create all the custom scripts you want to standardize on and copy

user_scripts.include and user_scripts_source.include off to another site.

install PBXmanager on a new machine, drop these 2 files into your /etc/ directory and viola! theres all your scripts.

where you thinking of something more along the lines of changing out your scripts on already running PBXs without overwriting a potential customer's scripts? So in essense you had scripts owned by thirdlane, scripts owned by the VAR and then scripts owned by the user? What would be the desired behavior if the user tried to modify a var_scripts.include macro? Let it overwrite the way it runs user_scripts.include or would you want a special permission set for VAR level scripts?

I could see this having some usefulness.

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