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Is there a way to have a BLF like button to monitor a Queue for the number of calls.

For Instance in the example of a BLF, if the phone rings it flashes and if they answer it it goes solid.

So If have a queue with the ability to take up to 6 callers

If there are no callers in queue the blf does nothing
from the 1st to 3rd callers the light flashes
from the 4th to 6th caller the light flashes
The blf should not care if the phone is logged in or not.

Obviously there would be two threshold settings to set the values for the blf.

This is way out of my league to program but i wonder if it's possible.

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no, thats what products like isymphony and queuemetrics were designed to do. alerts and thresholds based on number of callers and wait times.

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