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I modified one script in the shell directly in the file that contains the macros:


After that, reloading the asterisk put the modification in LIVE, but if I go to the scripts sections in the Thirdlane PBX, I see the scrpit without the modification.

What I'm doing wrong? whai is the correct way to do that?

Just to let be clear, I modified the file that contains the script [macro-tl-dialout-base].

Any advice will be wellcome.

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Scripts shipped with thirdlane (tl-xxx) are maintained in 2 files - scripts_source.include and scripts.include, custom scripts created by users are stored in user_scripts_source.include and user_scripts.include.

scripts_source.include and user_scripts_source.include contain both the scripts code and the metadata used by Thirdlane PBX (these is what is edited by Thirdlane PBX), scripts.include and user_scripts.include contain actual asterisk macros - these are generated by Thirdlane PBX from scripts_source.include and user_scripts_source.include and are used by asterisk.

You should always edit custom scripts using Thirdlane PBX, and it will take care of generating the code and keeping user_scripts_source.include and user_scripts.include in sync.

As far as fixing any "tl-xxx scripts which can not be modified in Thirdlane PBX you could simply change both files manually (this is not recommended but you can do it if you need to fix a bug).

Note that the user_scripts_source.include and user_scripts.include are not affected by Thirdlane PBX upgrades or when installing new version of thirdlane scripts, while scripts_source.include and scripts.include get overwritten.

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