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Provision support Snom D3xx, D7xx and Snom Mxx

Posted by robertvankempen on Thu, 02/23/2017


We use now Thirdlane MT and all our customers using Snom phones. We have make our own provision scripts for version MT 7 what is not posible to use in the same way when we update to Thirdlane 8.

How can we update to version 8 and use our own provision scripts for the SNOM phones?

Submitted by netriplex on Fri, 02/24/2017 Permalink


What model Snoms do your clients use? We have provisioning scripts for many Snom models that we have updated to version 8.

Submitted by robertvankempen on Tue, 02/28/2017 Permalink

Tnx. We are using Snom 320, 360, 370 (old and new serie) , D715, D725, D765, M300 with M25 and M65 and have the provision xml files.

New for me was how to integrate with version MT 8. In version MT 7 we use the web interface. Now we edit the files in etc/asterisk/user_provisioning.

Submitted by thirdlane on Tue, 02/28/2017 Permalink

We felt that the UI for managing provisioning templates was too complex, not widely used, and difficult to support so we disabled in V8. Were we wrong? With a bit of work we could re-enable it again.

Also - Erik Smith (eeman) has been putting together Template Bundles for various phones. Perhaps you could join the efforts re Snom?

Submitted by netriplex on Fri, 03/03/2017 Permalink

This occurred more than 6 months ago without much change.

The one feature that is nice for Hosted PBX providers that Snom has that I have not seen duplicated elsewhere is the Snom redirection service.

Submitted by robertvankempen on Tue, 03/07/2017 Permalink

Hello Alex,

I just copy the provision files to the new server and manage them direct with a text editor. This is fine for me. So you don't have to-re-enable it.

I install a new server with version 8 and migrate the old server tenants to the new.


Submitted by thirdlane on Fri, 04/14/2017 Permalink

Just as an update - Erik (eeman) is now in possession of a few Snom phones generously contributed by our partner vTech and is looking for crowdfunding sponsors and testers for the "new style" provisioning templates package for Snom. Please contact Erik directly if you are interested.

I will post this as a separate topic for better visibility.

Submitted by levishores on Sat, 07/08/2017 Permalink

I just installed Thirdlane for a trial run in possibility of replacing our hosted SnomONE/Vodia Networks PBX; I've noticed that there seem to be built in templates for Snom 3xx series phones, but we have 7xx series deployed throughout our customer base.

I'm comfortable with templates and have edited 3CX templates on many occasions. I'm surprised to see that a feature was removed such as template modifications in the UI, but for years it had to be done manually in the filesystem on 3CX anyways.

Is there some brief guidance as to how to go about putting a provisioning template package together or create a single template for use?

Or, how do I contact Erik so that I may contribute or see progress on this package that you mention?

(Or, am I simply missing some means by which the 7xx series is supported somewhere?)