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i need an Inbound Script with Ring Group (SIP/10 SIP/20 SIP/30, ...) and Music instead of ringing.

I found the following Script in the ThirdLane Script Library: tl-ringgroup-sequential

Problems with that script:
- Ringing (I need music!)
- The caller hears the following announcement: "Please hold while we try to connect you" (I want no announcement -> the caller should only hear the music and no announcement!)

Here the script:

PBX Commands:
exten => s,1,Set(i=1)
exten => s,n,Playback(tl/pls-hold-while-try)
exten => s,n,Goto(tryone,1)

exten => tryone,1,Set(NUMBER_TO_DIAL=${CUT(ARG4, ,${i})})
exten => tryone,n,GotoIf($[${LEN(${NUMBER_TO_DIAL})} = 0]?failed,1) 
exten => tryone,n,GotoIf($[${REGEX("^[1-9]" ${NUMBER_TO_DIAL})} = 0]?6)
exten => tryone,n,Dial(Local/${NUMBER_TO_DIAL}@outgoing${TL_DASH}${tenant},${ARG2},${ARG3})
exten => tryone,n,Goto(dial-${DIALSTATUS},1) 
exten => tryone,n,Dial(${NUMBER_TO_DIAL}${TL_DASH}${tenant},${ARG2},${ARG3})
exten => tryone,n,Goto(dial-${DIALSTATUS},1) 

exten => dial-CHANUNAVAIL,1,Goto(next,1)
exten => dial-CONGESTION,1,Goto(next,1)
exten => dial-BUSY,1,Goto(next,1)
exten => dial-CANCEL,1,Goto(done,1)
exten => dial-NOANSWER,1,Goto(next,1)
exten => dial-ANSWER,1,Goto(done,1) 

exten => next,1,Set(i=$[${i} + 1])
exten => next,n,Goto(tryone,1)

exten => done,1,NoOp(done)
exten => done,n,Hangup

exten => failed,1,Goto(${ARG5},s,1)


Argument Description | Argument Type
Group Name               | Text
Time out                     | Text
Options                       | Text
Phones to ring            | Text
Auto attendant            | Voice Menu


Can you please send me the modified script with music (instead of ringing) and no announcement?

Best Regards,

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You can already set this up without modifying any scripts. One option would be to use a queue with all the announcements disabled. The second would be to set up a device based ring group and add m to the dial options. If you type "core show application Dial" in the CLI, you can see all the options you could add to the dial field.


Chris Norris, dCAP
Carolina Digital

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Thanks for your reply!

I forgot 1 important option.
I need a Ring Group with Music (instead of ringing) and TIMEOUT TO PHONENUMBER.

For example:
- Incoming call to Extension 10
- Fallback after 15 seconds to Extension 20 -> 30 -> 40 and when nobody picked up (timeout) -> callforwarding to an external number.

Is it possible to modify the script above with that requirements (music instead of ringing, no annoucement and call forwarding to an external number on timeout)?

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Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in custom development

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
Multi Tenant Asterisk PBX

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Use hunt list and add m in the options (m is music)

Ophir Reuveni