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Polycom Line Label still does not work

Posted by aponnath on Fri, 12/11/2020

I was able to play around with latest version and found a bug which was there since 8.x is still not fixed. If you go and create a Polycom Phone and want to give the Line a certain name it will not use the specified name in the label. It uses the extension. First I thought this might be a limitation of polycom but i can go into template of phone and manual change label to any string and it will show. So that leads me to believe that there is either something wrong in the script or that it picks up the wrong value when it writes the config file. So since i don't feel like chasing this done for hr's i hope someone can give me some insight on how its done. I assume the config is stored in mysql and then on save there is a script called that will pull data from mysql and create or update the cfg file. So what i am looking for is script name etc so i can try to find the bug which causes this, since after 2+ years TL didn't fix it.