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Polycom Device Admin Password

Posted by aponnath on Fri, 12/14/2018

This is a 2 part question, is there a place in the gui to set the device password for the admin access to the polycom phone ? If not where do i set it in which config file ?
Also anyone know what the default password is that thirdlane uses for device passwords ? It is not the polycom default of 456.

Submitted by aponnath on Sat, 12/15/2018 Permalink

login to the phone after it was provisioned. your templates change the admin password so changing ip is no longer possible because you have to provide the admin password to access the advanced setting.
Yes i can go and reset the admin password but that defeats the whole purpose.
Also while add it, where can i find any of the ADMIN docs. i searched the system for *pdf but dont see a file nor is there a obvious link in the Admin GUI

Submitted by aponnath on Sun, 12/16/2018 Permalink

So based on this i take it there is no way to set an individual password per Phone. Also the only way to change the overall password would be editing the /etc/asterisk/provisioning/polycom_local_uc.cfg . Is there anymore docs avail how the phone template is created and if and how to use like groups / departments to set passwords based on that. Again great tool but docs lack its like a big hole it works or it doesn't.

Submitted by volodya on Mon, 12/17/2018 Permalink

Procedure of creating/modifying provisioning templates can be a bit complicated.

/etc/asterisk/provisioning/ is default directory with provisioning template files. All customizations should be made in /etc/asterisk/user_provisioning/ to avoid overrides on system updates. Below are few steps that show an example of how to create additional Polycom VVX 400/410 template with separate admin password:

  1. Run cp -p /etc/asterisk/provisioning/models.txt /etc/asterisk/user_provisioning/ to copy models.txt file and save permissions.
  2. Locate and copy [polycom-vvx400] section from /etc/asterisk/provisioning/models.d/polycom.txt to /etc/asterisk/user_provisioning/models.txt. Adjust [polycom-vvx400] and label=Polycom VVX 400/410 lines.
  3. Run cp -p /etc/asterisk/provisioning/polycom_local_uc.cfg /etc/asterisk/user_provisioning/polycom_local_uc_custom.cfg to copy polycom_local_uc.cfg file and save permissions. Modify device.auth.localAdminPassword parameter in new file.
  4. Replace input_2=polycom_local_uc.cfg with input_2=polycom_local_uc_custom.cfg for new template in /etc/asterisk/user_provisioning/models.txt.

Please note that this exact example will only work if you want to have same password for the entire tenant.

If time permits we will cover this in detail in the future blog post.

Submitted by aponnath on Mon, 12/17/2018 Permalink

thanks, i will take a stab at this. One thing i found is that in some cases it does not do what it is supposed too. I can create the lines etc and add speed dials but when i want to give a name to the line it does not show it. it still shows the extension nbr. Speed Dials work fine i can set the Label fine.
How does this templeteing work, is the config file dynamically created and pushed to phone or is it stored somewhere after it is created ?

Submitted by aponnath on Mon, 12/17/2018 Permalink

I guess i cant update my last post but i found the files in the /home/PlcmSpIp and after some more trouble shooting i found that the fie does not update the label value in the config file which seems to be a bug. I added and deleted lines and changed labels for line and the label stays always the extension nbr.