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We are at the point where a major PBX Manager redesign may be possible.

It is the perfect time to send us your suggestions - please don't limit them - ask for whatever you'd like - whether it is GUI, functionality, different architecture, anything.

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More grid views/editing. For example editing information on multiple extensions

Information screen for debugging a tenant (to quickly find the source of a problem when the customer calls): Extensions online, CFA, last call, etc.

Nested schedules. So you easily can maintain schedules for different departments after selecting the department in an ivr.

A 'Call Coverage' rule in the user portal. Unless CFA is set, this rule will kick in at the defined timeout, no matter what else that might be defined (CFB, FMFM etc.) When no device is registered, the timeout is bypassed. Ideally, the rule can be scheduled.

Predefined site wide schedules. Easter, days around xmas and new year etc.

A 'Wizard' to build 'asterisk understandable' from 'human understandable' schedules. Also to work around boundary caveats (passing new year, month, day etc). Also it would be nice to be able to define 'year'.

Currently schedules are only used for routes. If that continues to be the case, place the menu item together with the routes.

Allow changing mac and phone model i provisioning on an existing device.

Single tenant - Backup and restore (on another mte). On restore allow setting tenant name, tenant id and other stuff. The backups can then also be used as templates.

Better Doc.

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i give my vote for Information screen for debugging a tenant

add something if a extension is unreachable at a predefined date time (working hours) it should reroute to another number