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When we call out we like to present an 0845 number, and this is easily achievable, however, for purposes of finding the original calling ID we require to use P-Asserted-Identity header.

I've found another thread on this forum on how to add it and set it using the callerid name and number however, when you use the outbound 0845 number it overrides the original 0131XXXXXX number we have for DIDs.

So my question is:

How do we grab the original caller ID before the presentation number is applied so we can put it in the PAID header?

I can see the following hash in asterisk, can we pull a value from this hash?

Executing [s@macro-tl-dialout-base:22] Set("SIP/4042-tenant-00000025", "HASH(CALLER)=1,1,0,,,0,,,1,99,0,,99,0,99,99,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,default,0,,0,0,0,,0,,2015-08-11 21:00:50,2015-08-12 11:54:28,root,root,08451199900,,01315144042,,") in new stack

08451199900 being the presentation number
01315144042 being a number ip put in the user extensions field "Caller ID for Emergency Calls"