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New release of Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX and Thirdlane Business PBX platform 9.0.1 with Thirdlane Connect 2.0.1

Posted by thirdlane on Sun, 07/29/2018

Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX 9.0.1 and Thirdlane Connect 2.0.1

   Thirdlane Connect 2.0.1

  • Video calls support on iPhone
  • New MongoDB based storage for chat and channel messages, optimized for retrieval and searching
  • New AMI message capture component
  • New test suite for stress testing of AMI message capture and Thirdlane Connect message passing components
  • Various optimizations to reduce battery consumption on iPhone and Android
  • Faster login and application initialization process
  • New option for automatic switching to "Away" (orange) status in desktop applications when user is inactive or computer is in sleep mode. Changing timeout or disabling the feature can be done in the "Other settings".
  • New privacy option to disable integrated Apple CallKit based calling which uses iPhone native call screens and includes Thirdlane Connect's calls in device's call history of iPhone
  • New "Do not Disturb" status to make notifications about incoming calls less intrusive. They will appear on the left part but without popups or sound notifications
  • Split "Settings" into multiple sections. This makes much easier to find a specific setting without having to scroll over the long list
  • Enhancements to "offline" mode which allows users to continue working in Thirdlane Connect even when Internet connection is not available
  • Improved unread message counters handling and related user experience
  • Added a link that allows to jump directly to new messages when user is not on the last page and the new messages are received
  • Android app now has single header bar providing more vertical space for messages, contacts, or other lists
  • Fixed a bug in voicemail playback in desktop and web applications
  • Fixed a bug in contacts management when adding multiple contact via contact search
  • Fixed bugs in caller id lookup
  • Fixed iPhone application freezes
  • Various enhancements to overall application performance and scalability
  • Made switching between Connect and desk phone (call mode) more accessible by adding it to "My Status" screen
  • Enhanced search functionality and UI in chat and channels
  • Enhancements in drag and drop support
  • Fixed an issue with current call UI becoming unusable during new call notification
  • Significantly improved unread message counters accuracy and synchronization
  • Disabled automatic text to smiley replacements in "inline code" messages
  • Added drag-and-drop support in Video Call screen
  • Improved Fax tab UI and fixed a few minor fax-related bugs
  • Reduced the number of requests for call history and voicemail updates
  • Fixed a bug when adding multiple CRM contacts from Contact Search at once
  • Added camera icons to the call bar to indicate a video call
  • Improved sign-on time
  • Added search match highlighting to all searches (Channels, Call history, etc)
  • Improved Internet Accounts management interface
  • Improved Video Calls user interface
  • Improved Screen Sharing capabilities and requirements detection in browser based version
  • Improved user experience on all platforms
  • Brand new web based User Guide

   Thirdlane Platform 9.0.1

  • Security enhancements in telephony API
  • Fixed storage/display of "yes/no" values in other options
  • Fixed event management in Call Center Agent screen
  • New test suite for stress testing of Thirdlane telephony components
  • Fixed a bug in Call Center Permissions Group management
  • Added ability to specify Voicemail application's options in tl-stdexten and tl-userexten-base scripts
  • Added memcached restart after Communications Manager update
  • Fixed ownership of uploaded voice prompts (to be owned by asterisk user)
  • Optimized call history access for Thirdlane Connect to minimize load on the server
  • Added usr_src, usr_dst fields to CDR
  • Optimized voicemail access for Thirdlane Connect
  • Added ability to add External Queue Members - external PBXs treated as static in Call Center
  • Fixed a bug where route type changed from Operator Managed to Schedule Based during save-and-continue
  • Fixed a bug in special cases of on-demand (keypress) call recording
  • Fixed a problem in annual license management
  • Added CDR and Voicemail related events management and notifications
  • Removed support for DAHDI based User Extensions
  • Dialplan optimizations to reduce database access
  • Various stored procedures enhancements
  • Added primary key to various database tables to support new cluster installations
  • Added a separate Welcome Email screen for managing system-wide settings for Welcome Email sent to new users
  • Bug fixes and enhancements in Migration Assistant
  • User controlled Call recording and CDR enhancements
  • Call parking size bug fix for a single tenant PBX
  • Fixed a bug where user defined menus were not shown in Communications Manager
  • Added filter to suppress SetVar events, added UserEvent where needed
  • Fix to suppress 'tenant not selected' error message when license is in error
  • Generate sip_peers.include and queues.include after import in Migration Assistant
  • Fixed a bug where all the queues were shown on the agent screen when no queues were assigned to agent
  • Added indexes and partitioning to the recordings table
  • Optimized Queues access queries

If you are using earlier versions of Thirdlane platform and are current on your maintenance, you can update to 9.0.1 by running:

yum clean all
yum update

Note that Thirdlane Connect 2.0.1 is not compatible with version 8.x and requires Thirdlane PBX or Multi Tenant PBX 9.0.1. Once an update to 9.0.1 is completed, users of web based Thirdlane Connect will have to simply refresh Connect page (typically F5), while users of desktop versions will have to download and update the app for their desktop (Mac, Windows or Linux).

As always, Thirdlane Connect for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops can be downloaded using your browser based Thirdlane Connect by going to Settings -> Downloads.

New Android version of Thirdlane Connect is available on Google Play.

New IPhone version of Thirdlane Connect is available on App Store.

Thank you for using Thirdlane!


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We have just made available a follow up release:

Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX 9.0.2 and Thirdlane Connect 2.0.2

   Thirdlane Connect 2.0.2

  • Fixed issue with displaying calls after attendant transfer in SIP mode
  • Fixed issues with displaying calls in SIP mode for Android and iOS applications
  • Added switching between Thirdlane Connect and desktop phone to My Status page in iOS application
  • Made message search case insensitive on all platforms

   Thirdlane Platform 9.0.2

  • Fixed a problem in device provisioning when using Phone Templates