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Default Values -> "Allow use of original caller id in forwarded calls" -> Checked

Tenant -> "Allow tenant manage Caller IDs" -> Checked

Extension -> User Portal -> Call Forwarding -> Follow Me -> Use original Caller ID -> Checked

Using Outbound Route script "tl-dialout-2-trunks"

When ext1 calls ext2, ext2's cell phone rings (Follow Me) and shows ext2's DID as the caller ID. This only happens in this scenario. If I call ext2's DID from an outside phone and their cell phone rings, my caller ID shows up correctly.

Am I missing a setting or is something off in the dial plan?

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Please confirm if I understood correctly. You are telling that you will see ext2's CallerID on ext2's cell phone when ext1 locally calls ext2?

If that is correct, what CallerID do you expect to see on ext2's cell phone?

Thank you.

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Hi Volodya,

That's exactly right. The DID that we configure for ext2's outbound caller ID shows on ext2's cell phone during an internal call from ext1.

What we expect to happen is for ext2's cell phone to show ext1's configured outbound caller ID.