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I have Thirdlane PBX Manager 6.01.72 running on a Linux Server (Dell PowerEdge R710 Blade Server running Linux) with 28 phones Grandstream GXP2020 attached.

Several phones/extensions that have problems with voice mail indicator not resetting when voice mails have been retrieved. Sometimes indicator goes on without new incoming messages.

Grandstream GXP2020 are running firmware version (boot) & (prog)

Any insight would be appreciated.

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no thoughts or advice on outdated software .. the problem is either with your very old software versions or those totally crap phones. Try calling granstream and get them to help you with their junk phones. Thats never been a reported bug with quality phones such as polycom and snom for any version of thirdlane or asterisk. The sad part is that even yealink phones are superior quality for a marginal increase in cost, but you really do get what you pay for. However, until you upgrade your thirdlane to current versions and upgrade asterisk to the 1.8 branch, you're just out of luck. I dont think anywone wants to invest the time, especially on a free forum, for something frozen in time from 3yrs ago when theres a strong chance that simply running current software would resolve your issues (assuming it really isnt those total piece of shit phones you're using )

Erik Smith
Thirdlane/Asterisk Support available