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A general discussion on this subject:

We have had quite a few customer enquiries in the last few months about working with Microsoft Teams.

In some ways the Phone system element of teams could compete with our hosted services using Thirdlane, but some clients want to use Teams for a subset of their users as the client to our PBX, but not use the Microsoft Phone System.

As far as I can make out, Direct routing for teams can either add SIP trunks to the Phone system, or allow the Teams client wo woth with an external PBX.

Teams uses some proprietary magic that requires an SBC to interface with anything else. Ribbon and Audiocodes offer a cloud solution.

There are 2 parts to this...

1) Getting it all to work is one thing. I would be interested if anyone has played with this with Thirdlane and Teams Direct Routing

2) Is this worth spending time and money on? For large corporate clients, Teams definitely has traction and will gain customers for the phone system. The config and maintenance is not trivial without It staff, and needs a 365 license around $50 a month minimum. I assume like most Thirdlane MTE customers, we play more to small/medium(ish) business. 3-60 users. Is anyone else here getting interest in working with Teams, and can that interest really be converted into money making users?

SIP trunks into Microsoft Phone system is different opportunity we are exploring, but not addressable using Thirdlane.