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Hi Thirdlane team,
In many of our Thirdlane 5/6 instances we use time based routes with the "Unless Variable is Set" to allow us to do a time based route but have a button to override it,

Some use cases are Public Holidays, Diverting to other branches temporarily, meeting mode etc,

As we're migrating more and more customers to version 8, we're seeing more and more scenarios where we're missing this feature in Version 8 that existed in the old versions.

Can we please get it back?

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Yes, I think so, we just need to decide on how/where to set the variable

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
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If it can be done in the same way as in the older version that'll just allow us to migrate those ones onto newer versions:
Variables are setup on version 6 as Global Variables (Could be done on a tenant level or Global - No real preference)

Then in the past we set the variable from a feature code

Then the inbound route checks if Variable is set in conjunction with the time: