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We are using Thirdlane 6.1 on Centos 5.9 Asterisk version 1.4.44

GUI stopped working. Any ideas how to troubleshoot? Trying to avoid rebooting the server.

Asterisk is running fine.

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I wish we could help, but the software you are running is at least 6 years old and there is no easy way to troubleshoot. Would you consider upgrading?

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
Multi Tenant Asterisk PBX

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Hi Alex,

I would be interested in upgrading. How could we go about upgrading and what would it cost? We have two locations, each running it's own thirdlane server. One location is also running an additional asterisk 1.8 server to connect Cisco SCCP 7921G phones to the environment.

Could you handle the upgrade remotely? Could we do one site at a time? The systems were initially setup by a VAR who no longer supports your platform so we could never upgrade.

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How many 7921G phones do you have?

The cleanest solution for reliability purposes, might be replacing the 7921G phones with cordless phones that support SIP. Many years ago when this was first deployed, that may have been the best option, but there are now numerous cordless options from different manufacturers.