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Grandstream GXP2140 - Has anyone successfully provisioned?

Posted by jkeegan123 on Wed, 07/26/2017

Hello everyone!

I have successfully provisioned CISCO phones, YEALINK phones, and now I'm trying my first GRANDSTREAM phones ... with no luck.

For the Cisco, Yealink, and even Polycoms, I used option 66 pointing to my server with http (option 66 ascii --> Using the same methodology, I cannot get a Grandstream to provision.

it's getting DHCP -- but it's not trying to go to the Thirdlane provisioning server.

Has anyone else had issues like this on Grandstream? Is there anything else to do with a Grandstream? I've pre-provisioned a handset in Thirdlane with the MAC address and I have the template bundle downloaded and chosen for that handset ... but no Joy.

Help is appreciated.


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You should review logs on the server for service that will represent protocol you are using (HTTP/-S, TFTP or FTP/-S). This will tell you if the phone can connect but trying to pull something wrong or does not connect at all. Second case can point at network connectivity problem or at network configuration received from your DHCP server.

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what is the version of template bundle you're running? There was a bug in one version that did not get corrected until recently. It had to do with a missing value in the dictionary that converts things to Pvalues.