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Hi all,

have set up users so that find me/follow me puts the call back into reception queue, excellent; so now Reception answers the call again, and says "let me try that person again", rings the extension, it's not answered, but instead of following back to reception queue again, it simply dumps the call.

The logs on the first pass do this:

Executing [s-NA@macro-tl-userexten-base:1] GotoIf("Local/9002@from-inside-TenantA-3f83;2", "0?s-exit,1") in new stack

And second time round:

Executing [s-NA@macro-tl-userexten-base:1] GotoIf("Local/9002@from-inside-TenantA-bde0;2", "1?s-exit,1") in new stack

Can anyone tell me how I could stop this call being cancelled like this?