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We've been using FreePBX for years for our hosted PBX clients. While we are looking for a Multi-Tenant solution to reduce administrative overhead, it seems that the most common issue we're having with most solutions is the lack of support for the XML functions that are currently available. Being able to control Day/Night, FollowMe, DND, etc. are basic features that should be supported. Status lights on phones allow users to quickly see what is goign on. The FollowMe, DND may not be completely XML, but having a way of toggling the feature codes would be great. Parking is another one that we have implemented at most of our clients, and having to dedicate multiple buttons seems wasteful, especially for "worker" phones, where having additional consoles, etc. is not a viable option. The majority of our clients are Aastra and Yealink based phones. Does anyone have a workable solution for these cases?