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We are a reseller and I have a question concerning customer disaster recovery options

Currently their inbound number goes to a hunt group where there is a welcome message (“welcome to xxx site..”) and then it rings extension 201 and 202 simultaneously.

As a hunt group has to have a no answer reply, after xx seconds the hunt group goes to a queue (which cannot have a welcome message hence why we use the hunt group first) which then continues to ring extensions 201 and 202 for “ever”

In the event of a connectivity failure, we had set up a DR plan that the customer can access his user portal and change the route on each of the extensions to be immediately forwarded to a mobile number. This was done by going to the extension and with one click enabling call forwarding always

We have discovered that incoming calls via hunt groups or the ACD cannot be call forwarded in this scenario becuase they are rejected as soon as the call reaches the HG stage

The only other ways I could think of doing this are:

Add a “ring also” number to the hunt group so that it also rings a mobile number. However, this requires a PBX reload so it is not an action that a customer can do immediately for DR

Add in a new schedule for DR that can be activated to do a different action for the incoming call such as go directly to a mobile. However, again this needs a system PBX reload so cannot be activated by a customer via the portal.

Any advice on the best way of doing this so that the customer can make the DR changes themselves rather than us the administrator?