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Digium Licensing System Failing

Posted by KevinH on Wed, 08/04/2021

On previous versions of Thirdlane (TL v9 on CentOS 6.10) I was able to configure the Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA) on a virtualized environment without issue. However, I am trying to upgrade to the latest version of Thirdlane (TL v11 on CentOS 7) but the Digium Licensing system keeps breaking after a reboot. I've worked a ticket with Digium Support and they are redirecting me to Thirdlane for further assistance.

It seems ridiculous to even ask this but, is there anything that can be done on Thirdlane's side to get the Digium Licensing system to work on Thirdlane deployed instances of Asterisk?

Linux version:
CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)

Asterisk version:
Asterisk 18.4.0 built by root @ on a x86_64 running Linux on 2021-06-14 15:41:20 UTC

Errors received:
When issuing ' module load' from Asterisk CLI I get the following error:
WARNING[7349]: res_digium_phone.c:733 load_module: No Valid DPMA License found. Module is loaded but disabled. Please reload module once valid license is installed.
This is from a license key that successfully registered and loaded properly in Asterisk up until a reboot occurs. I've verified this behavior is consistent with two different, valid license keys. I've also completely reinstalled CentOS 7 Minimal and Thirdlane, but I get the exact same behavior. I have confirmed that the hostID does not change between reboots. The behavior is consistent with every version of available for Asterisk 18.x.

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It is likely that reboot changes something that Digium license manager relies on, which makes the license manager unhappy :). Which virtual environment is this?

Please try installing Thirdlane outside of virtual environment for a test. You could also build a vanilla Asterisk so that Digium would not redirect you to Thirdlane. By the way, does Digium have a way to run the license manager in some sort of debug/diagnostics mode?

In the meantime I'll talk to our engineers.