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It would be very nice to have a selection of contexts when adding arguments to a script. A good example is a DISA call-through, as DISA takes the context to call out from, not the trunk.

Or maybe I'm way off here and shouldn't use DISA at all? The dialout-base script does a lot of things, will I be missing out on something if I simple pass the call to the unrestricted context via DISA?


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you merely need to know from-inside${TL_DASH}${tenant} and

why do you need a pre-provided list?

and yes DISA is a insecure beast that is best controlled heavily. I use VMAuthenticate() and Log() in my scripts so that I have a detailed account of whose password was used and a timestamp.

Erik Smith
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Thanks again Erik, you are of course right, I'm asking all the wrong questions here. I simply need to study up on the internals.