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Contact name in CDR Export

Posted by NickJ on Tue, 06/05/2018

Hi guys,
Our customers are using the Company Directory to store their contacts and we've integrated it so our customer's handsets display the content of the Company Directory,
But we've had a few requests lately to show the name of the contact as the Caller ID in the CDR view if there is a Contact with that same number.

Submitted by eeman on Wed, 06/06/2018 Permalink

this is not possible. The CDR is obligated to write the CallerID it received from the carrier. Your only option would be to write custom scripts to attempt to lookup a caller in the directory and then overwrite the callerID Name setting. This is very problematic should someone not stay 100% on top of changes and can generate a huge amount of push-back from customers reporting bad presentations when they caused it themselves. For this reason, this would almost certainly require this to always be a custom script feature. To put this into global production could be an instant nightmare for carriers who rely on accurate CDR for their compliance with the CALEA requirements of VoIP providers.