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I have my old Thirdlane MTE thats working fine. Now we have bought two new licenses and are ready to test the new HA MTE system.

Since i only have one connection to the PSTN network i must use the old server for that connection and then I have created a trunk that will pass through certain numbers to the new system.

On the new system im using the pass through script for outbound calls to the PSTN network via my old server.

The calls are working perfectly and Im very happy with that. The only problem i have is that when Im calling from the new system using DID +46812345 the invite that are sent to the old system and contains From: +46812345, that are correct. But when the old system are creating a new call to the PSTN network it does not show my DID from the new system, instead it shows the "Default external caller ID" from the tenant.

Is this something that can be fixed?