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Connect early media support

Posted by kduceo on Tue, 10/26/2021

We have a call scenario issue where customers using connect to call the PSTN in countries where network messages and voicemail welcome announcements are played before the call is connected (early media), are not able to hear the audio.

Since Connect app is generating a fake ring tone until the call is connected the end user is no able to listen network messages such as the phone number is not in service, phone number does not exist, is out of service, it is suspended or any other similar message. Fake ring back is played until the call is disconnected. This also affects calls landing in destination number voice mail, since the user cannot hear the announcement, once the call is connected there is dead air only so user believes the call failed but it is actually connected to voice mail to leave a message.

Has anyone knows if there is a way to enable early media in Connect for PBX calls, or have found a way to deal with this situation?

Thank you