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Is anyone aware of any known CGNAT issues and the thirdlane connect app? I know 3CX has their special "tunnel" (which is basically just a vpn) to get around and CGNAT issue and that seems to work really well.

Does the thirdlane app implement any type of strategy to work around CGNAT?

We have some pretty bad implementations of CGNAT on some carriers here in Australia which just breaks sip completely.

I'm currently on an older version of MT thirdlane and thinking of upgrading to get thirdlane connect for my clients. Just curious if i'm going to run into any CGNAT issues with it.

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I'd wait for an expert on this , but the app uses WebRTC and ICE/TURN servers. Which technically should get around CGNAT issues.

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Yes, this is correct

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
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We've not encountered any issues related to NAT involving Connect app and call functionality. In our experience, the proper infrastructure and configuration in place for ICE & TURN is critical for success. We employ a 3rd party ICE/TURN service (Xirsys) in order to ensure it is always available and that has worked well for us with no connectivity or NAT issues.

Chris Cameron