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Using TL multi tenant.

For **SOME** users, calls to conference bridges cut after exactly 1770 seconds. From wireshark, asterisk sends a hangup after 1770 seconds (29.5 minutes).

What we know:
- Customer that identified this has phones in 2 locations. Only one location impacted. This location has more latency (40-80ms). More than we would like but OK.
- Only seems to happen on some Yealinks. (T46, t27, some T41) Have updated firmware
- Can call out to external numbers for as long as they like
- Can call music on hold and internal calls for as long as they like
- Somewhat repeatable. 80% of time, but sometimes it is ok.

Does anyone know of a timer, timeout, keepalive or anything else that could cause this?

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I would check the firewall at the problem location. Anything on the system would behave identical regardless of location.

Have you tried using an SBC like an Edgemarc 2900e at the location to avoid firewall/nat issues?

Erik Smith
Thirdlane/Asterisk Support available

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Thanks Erik. At the location, we have a plain vanilla Netgear router. We are going to change this to be the same router used at the other location. It is a small branch office.