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I am new to Thirdlane (VoIP in general) as far as troubleshooting goes. I done a bit of configuration of extensions, routes, IVR's and such but never done much beyond that. I have asked to be involved with some of support issues so I can learn. Please bear with me, and feel free to call out any stupidity on my behalf. On to the issue...

We recently moved a customer to a new system (Thirdlane V7.3) and since that time we have been getting complaints about call quality issues when in conference rooms. I have tried to isolate the issue and the feedback I am getting is that the issue only occurs when in a conference room, all other calls are fine.

My boss has pointed me toward DAHDI potentially being the culprit. Here are the DAHDI builds:


I did some cursory looking around and wasn't able to identify anything that stood out to me in regards to the above listed modules. I am sure I left out tons of information needed to evaluate the issue, so please let me know what I can add to this to make the picture more clear. Any help (and patience) is greatly appreciated.