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When we try to use the Callback feature for making an outbound call via Connect, it just sits there for several seconds, then a red bar at the top states Error. This happens on an iPhone and an Android. We don't see anything in the server logs when we try this. The correct mobile number is in the User Profile settings and the default phone type is set to mobile. Below are the debug logs from the app itself. Anyone else experience this issue or have a solution?

[7/30/2020, 8:35:15 AM] [ERROR] [Telephony Srv] - Initiate callback error {"id":"8426ea71-b1f3-40ff-a1ef-e4d664054f85","type":"error","error":{"condition":"timeout"}}
[7/30/2020, 8:35:00 AM] [DEBUG] [Telephony Srv] - Use callback result true
[7/30/2020, 8:34:59 AM] [DEBUG] [Telephony Srv] - Asking a user for callback



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Hi Andrew,
I can confirm the same behavior with our system.
Have you submitted captures and logs to support?

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Thanks for the response. I haven't yet, but will submit them.

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We are looking at the problem, and will address what we find ASAP.

Thanks for reporting!

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
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