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Has this been fixed in the newest release of thirdlane?

I have downloaded the demo version and tested it and it still is not working so I was curious if it has been fixed and called something else.

Edit User Extension >> Phone >> Call Limit

I am trying to make it call limit 1 so I can restrict the number of concurrent calls down to one for Hunt Lists rollover as well as some SIP phone users should only be allowed 1 call at a time in some of my applications.

Please advise.

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Hello! Call limit feature is corrected in upcoming release.

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Do you have a estimated release date? .. even if its wildly off. Need to start planning on migrating systems and managing upwards. Thanks!!

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Disabling call waiting on the end-user device will limit your calls to 1. For something like an Adtran TA908 or other analog gateways this is the best method to trigger the next step in dialplan. In fact this is preferable to trying to limit based on group count as that can sometimes get erroneous errors during s transition like call transfer or forwarding.

Erik Smith
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