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can someone explain to me that the Call Limit featuer is used for and how it works..'

I have looked in both the TL management documentation and in Asterisk and thier is nothing..

anyone know..?


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answer found in NEW doc's

Call-limit. Number of simultaneous calls for this phone. Set to 1 to

disable call waiting.

Thanks Doc Writter

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Sorry to bring back something so old, but I have a specific problem related to this.

I have a user who wants call waiting disabled. If I set the call limit to 1 to disable call waiting, then the user can't transfer calls because of the call limit.

Is there a way to make the call limit only apply to outside calls? Or another solution for disabling call waiting?

Anyone create any scripts to get around this?



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Maybe best to handle in the phone?

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That way, when they have one line up, in or out, Asterisk will consider them busy and not attempt to call the phone.

In the general section of sip.conf, you'll also want:



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Asterisk sip busy-level
Asterisk sip.conf: busylevel
13-August-08 - Contrary to popular belief this is only available in Asterisk trunk and Asterisk 1.6

Number of simultaneous calls until user/peer is busy

Currently (1.6.x) only works if call-limit is set

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from UPGRADE-1.6.x.txt

* SIP: The "call-limit" option is marked as deprecated. It still works in this version of
Asterisk, but will be removed in the following version. Please use the groupcount functions
in the dialplan to enforce call limits. The "limitonpeer" configuration option is
now renamed to "counteronpeer".

Erik Smith
Thirdlane/Asterisk Support available

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Hi. Sorry for reopen this ticket again.
I'm trying to recreate this configuration but I can't make it working. Searching in the web I read that limitonpeer/counteronpeer has disappeared from sip.conf.
How can I get it work now in version of Thirdlane
I'm trying:
- call limit: 2
- callcounter: yes (in the extension and also in [general] section)
- busylevel: 1

But always I have a second call ringing in the phone. Only it's busy when i set call limit to 1, but in that case the extension is unable to make a consulting transfer.


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The only thing you need to do is to set the "Call Limit" with the desired value in the User Extension configuration window: https://www.thirdlane.com/docs/platform/user-extensions#sip-endpoint. Please confirm if you have tried this or not.

Please also note that in the Multi Tenant version of the system you can also set the call limit on the tenant level: https://www.thirdlane.com/docs/platform/tenants#limits.