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I have recently started looking at Thirdlane and using it a bit. I have a queue but cannot add dynamic members. I have two extensions that are marked as in the call center pool, yet they do not show up. I read that I needed the contact center license, not sure if that is what I have or not, under license it says "Full".
I am not sure where to configure the call center agents to be able to add them as dynamic queue members.

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Do you have single tenant or multi tenant? If multi-tenant, the call center feature needs to be enabled at the tenant level first.

After that, you should see a menu option on the left side of the PBX Manager web interface for call center. Under that, there will be options to create users and roles.

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dynamic members is a list of existing agents. You have to make agents in the agent screen. If you do not have this screen it is because you do not have a license for the thirdlane call center agents. There are reasons you may do this, such as perhaps you want to run queuemetrics and utilize its dynamic agent system.

a dynamic agent is not much more than AddQueueMember(queuename, SIP/100, penalty, options, membername) from the dialplan. It is the statistics and reporting that links these agent names to the calls, hence the licensing.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I had missed in the tenat level. I was not invovled in the set up Thirdlane and was just thrust into it, so I am playing catch up. Thanks for the replies.