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Are there currently any plans to add auto-provisioning templates for the Cisco SPA-5XX series phones?

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#1 they arent cisco.. they're linksys/sipura with a cisco logo on them
#2 according to linksys distributors its the exact same syntax as the 9xx series from linksys so you should just be able to copy that template into models.txt

Erik Smith
Thirdlane/Asterisk Support available

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The internal hardware and phone load has changed. They also support SCCP in addition to SIP. Cisco has announced the end of life and end of sale of the SPA9xx series phones. The Cisco 5xx and 3xx are the supported phone for their SMB flagship product the UC5xx.

I agree with caw that we need support for the 5xx in the product since this has replaced the linksys. There are 2 different profile compilers. One for the 525g and one that covers the 50X. It would make since for Thirdlane to keep current with one of the most popular endpoints on the market.

I have posted the compilers as well as the current firmware for the 5xx series phones at: www.TriadTelecom.com/downloads/SPA5xx.zip

Erik is right in the fact that the configuration when the phone is in SIP mode is nearly identical to the Linksys.