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I'm about to becom atcom distributor in Israel and sell 3 of their models with TL MTE.
I want to know how to make the template files.
The models are AT610, AT620, AT640 (new model with blf).
their website is www.atcom.com.cn

Is there any guide of how to create the templates?
Does the auto provision will push the user/pass to the phone?


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template files are easy.. its simply an issue of variable substitution.. come up with a working config of a phone and use the variables in place of the things that change from device to device. If you can write bash scripts, you can make a phone template. theyre that simple.

Erik Smith
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It sound easy, but I did not understand it yet, I might be close :)
I saw other models templates trying to get the point, it seems to be much short then the whole config file.
do you have any exp. of the difference between config vs template?


Ophir Reuveni