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Hello All,

Does anyone have any experience with astmanproxy? I checked out the source from git:

git clone git://

And followed instructions. Seems to work fine. It looks like a must have addon for MTE as it filters commands to and results from the asterisk manager interface. Users are restricted to only view/alter their own extension which means that you can use whatever desktop software that uses asterisk manger interface with MTE. Also astmanproxy off loads the asterisk manager interface as it only maintains one connection to asterisk regardless of the number of clients connected.

Astmanproxy has its own user database in astmanproxy.users in the asterisk conf directory. Maybe you've guessed it already: I think it would be neat if TL could maintain that file too :-)


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Oooh, I'll second this. Especially for the Conference Manager feature. The current implementation of the Conference Manager always bothered me because it essentially requires granting remote cleartext admin-level access to the Manager interface in Asterisk in order for it to work. If the Conference Manager were to make use of astmanproxy instead to ensure that the user could only touch the conference they were managing and nothing else, and each user could log in with their own password (so PBX Manager wouldn't have to hand off your admin-level manager username/password to the client for it to log in with), then it would make me feel a lot safer. :)

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well i just confirmed that for whatever reason, isymphony fails to realize it connects via astmanproxy. I confirmed via telnet that everything works. I suspect that isymphony is looking at the header and for what ever reason wants to see...

Asterisk Call Manager/1.0

and instead sees

Asterisk Call Manager Proxy/1.22pre081119

whatever the cause, it complains that it fails to connect even though I can login with its credentials just fine.

Erik Smith
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