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After rebuilding a box and restoring from a TL backup, the AMI user/pass is wrong. I've noticed this a few times through out the years but never thought to report it. I just tried it on a box with pbxmw-st- and it is still an issue.

It looks like when I initially installed from the ISO on the replacement box it generates a random user/pass for the AMI. Then when I restored it used the previous randomly generated user/pass.

I don't see a means of changing the AMI user/pass that TL tries to use so what I've been doing is trying to find the user/pass taht TL tries to use and adding it to manager.conf.

Can we either get a way to change the AMI user/pass TL uses, or get the restore to update the AMI user/pass TL uses?

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...aaaaaaand then i found out that you can just restart webmin to get TL to start using the new AMI user/pass found in /etc/webmin/asterisk/instances.txt.

Hopefully this helps someone else.

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It just helped me! Thank you Kevin!

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We added webmin restart after restore - in upcoming release

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