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i have ThirdLane Multitenant PBX.
Is it possible, that i have 1 tenant with 2 trunks?

For example:
Extension 10 & 20 -> Outgoing calls via Trunk 1
Extension 30 & 40 -> Outgoing calls via Trunk 2

I beg an acknowledgement!

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Or 1 tenant with 3 trunks (or more)?


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The easiest way would have different dial plans. i.e. 9+number, 8+number, 7+number.

You can then use the outbound routes to send the calls to different trunks.

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not as such... thats the concept behind MTE in the first place... any time you need different extensions to use different trunks then you probably also need a separate tenant for them. The workaround is possible but its ugly and you need to know how to do digit map programming for your specific model of phone so as to prepend digits to whatever they dial then you could use lukas' solution.

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