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Agents (also known as queue members) can login into the Queues by either dialing a Feature Code or via web Agent Control Panel where they can log in with the agent id and "Web Password".

The following sample Feature Codes are available:

  • 611 - Login into a Queue(s) as an Agent.
  • 612 - Pause to stop receiving calls from Queue(s).
  • 613 - Unpause to resume receiving calls from Queue(s).
  • 614 - Log out.

These Feature Codes are just samples, and can be changed as needed.

Create/Edit Agent

Agent Settings

Agent Settings

Agent #. Agent # is used to identify the agent. Note that Thirdlane will prepend tenant name and a letter "A" to the Agent# when generating agent's web username.

First Name. Agent's first name.

Last Name. Agent's last name.

Description. Short description.

Available and Selected Queues. Specify this agent's Queue membership.

Password. PIN for logging in to the Queues using a Feature Code.

Web Password. Password for logging in to Web Control Panel.

Time Zone. Agent's time zone.

Options. Additional options. See Asterisk documentation for details.

Penalty. Penalty controls which agents are called first - queue won't try to call an agent if any agent with lower penalty is available.

CRM Integration

Agent CRM Integration

CRM integration settings for this Agent, for use in the Agent Control Panel.

CRM. One of the supported CRMs or Help Desk applications.

The options are:

  • None. No CRM integration.
  • Use Default. Allows "inheriting" common settings set for all Agents.
  • Freshdesk
  • Salesforce
  • SugarCRM
  • Vtiger
  • X2CRM
  • Zendesk
  • Zoho CRM

Selecting a CRM displays a form with CRM specific fields, which typically include:

User Name. CRM user's name.

URL. URL for CRM API access.

Password. CRM user's password.

Token. Access token generated in CRM for API access.

Salesforce CTI enabled. This setting is required when using Salesforce Thirdlane CTI integration. Please contact Thirdlane for details.

Agent Panel

Agent Panel is the screen displayed to the agents when they log in.