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Agent Panel

Agents can login to the web Agent Panel using their web user id and password created in the Agents section of the Configuration Manager.

The initial Agent Panel screen shows the assigned Queues greyed out to indicate tthat the Agent is not logged in and won't be receiving calls from any Queues yet.

Agent Panel before connecting

In order to start receiving calls, the Agent has to log in, by clicking "Connect to Call Center", selecting a phone from the list of the phones available for the Call Center Agents ("Include phone in Call Center phone pool" option on the User Extension screen), receiving a call and logging in using Agent's Call Center agent number and password.

Agent Panel selecting

CRM Lead Capture and Caller Lookup.

Agent Panel logged in

When Agent Control Panel is open and Agent receives a call from (or dials a number associated with) a Lead or a Contact stored in your CRM, an associated information will be displayed. For calls to/from numbers not in the CRM, Agents can enter lead/contact information and store it in the CRM. They can also enter call notes that will be associated with the related entity (Lead or Contact).

Disconnecting from Call Center.

Agent will remain logged in (using the selected phone) even after logging out from the Agent Portal or closing the Agent Panel screen. To disconnect from the Call Center, Agent can click on "Disconnect from Call Center" button.

Agent will be logged out if another Agent selects the same phone and logs in.