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Why YOU Should Become a Thirdlane Partner

We’ve all seen the scenario: you need a package to improve customer interactions. Or maybe a team-based environment to bolster internal collaboration. Maybe it’s something as simple as needing voicemail access from your email. Or text transcription of your email and call recordings? Regardless of your own necessity, those of us with Thirdlane Technologies believe that we have the answer.

Like many of our well-known competitors – and we all know who they are – Thirdlane has provided access to vital communications for almost 20 years. Whether you’re a SMB, enterprise, public organization or private UCaaS / managed services provider, we can offer advanced and highly customizable capabilities to enhance your interactions.

As a self-funded company with humble beginnings, initially providing Asterisk PBX based solutions, we have ridden the wave of evolution over the years, from the basic telephone systems employed for decades to the considerably more expansive omni-channel and UCC (unified communications and collaboration) environments of today.

The Thirdlane UC Platform with Thirdlane Connect app can increase productivity within work teams, providing one-on-one or group messaging geared toward internal collaboration and customer communications, incorporating the features that modern businesses demand while still being entirely unlike any competitor out there.

What, then, sets Thirdlane apart from the big guys? And why should you consider making the immediate jump to become our partner?

Advanced Applications

The first and most obvious reason to embrace Thirdlane is the advanced functionality that can be adapted to any business needs. We strive to accelerate communications by offering a variety of services, paired with other options to make those offerings your own. Whether you need on-premise or in the cloud as a Multi-Tenant PBX or full featured Unified Communications, we offer a personalized approach to help your business succeed.

Generous Commissions

Link up with Thirdlane to gain access to competitive commissions on your sales of our products. Our program works to help partners succeed, providing access to percentages of sales, lead generation assistance, volume discounts and other forms of support.

Customer Ownership

Whether you choose to provide a hosted service or private installations (on-premises or in the cloud), Thirdlane provides you with all the tools and support you need to succeed and grow YOUR customer base and your business.

Personalized Touch

Given the size and the scope of the company, our engineers can play an active role in customizing the Thirdlane UC Platform and Thirdlane Connect application, turning it into a complete solution that can best meet your specific needs. Need a basic call center? No problem. Analytics? Of course. Need to scale to  thousands of concurrent calls, any time? Thirdlane just works.


Thirdlane does much of the work for you, including integration with popular competitors such as MS Teams (to bolster its telephony) and Slack (offering Slack compatible Web hooks). Plus, its software can be hosted on your own private cloud, helping to reinforce security in such a way that providing them on a public cloud may not allow.

Additionally, we offer access to some open-source technologies while in many other ways remaining proprietary. For example, the company uses Asterisk in cases where this open-source PBX helps to improve its Thirdlane platform capabilities. At the same time, we employ our own intelligent tools, placing them invisibly in the background to do their own jobs.


Regardless of your organization’s size or business, Thirdlane likely has an option for you. We cast a wide net in terms of the coverage that our platforms and applications can provide — anywhere from just a handful of employees to upwards of 30,000 seats.

Business Integration

Elements such as SMS support, advanced telephony, messaging and integration with other popular collaboration tools can help make Thirdlane PBX and Thirdlane Connect a popular choice for using alongside CRMs and other tools for customer interaction.

And … More!

Powered by Thirdlane UC Platform, Thirdlane Connect can be a vital application for your company. Just look at Thirdlane, itself! For years, our OWN internal staff have relied on this application for its distributed team. According to company founder, Alex Epshteyn, “I couldn’t work without Thirdlane Connect. We’ve used it internally for years now.”

So … why should you become a partner? The most obvious answer is because Thirdlane is like a family, with a small, dedicated staff that focuses 100 percent of its efforts toward catering to the individual organization’s own unique demands. And on a bloated information super-highway where efficiency is often overlooked in favor of scale, Thirdlane is ready to hold your hand to drive that path together.