Voice Prompts

Voice Prompts section allows you to record audio files for announcements and voice prompts used throughout the system, and in particular in the IVR/Voice Menus where you can also create them directly.

Here you can create, delete, download or listen to available Voice Prompts.

Createe Voice Prompt

You have an option to upload already prerecorded audio files or record new using your phone. Note that Thirdlane converts uploaded files to appropriate format if needed.

Voice Prompt

File name. File name for the file that will be recorded, no spaces allowed.

Format. Audio file format used for recording and passed to "Record" dialplan application.

Phone to use for recording. Select the phone to be used for recording.

Clicking "Start Recording" will ring the selected phone, where you can record the audio file by following simple instructions.

Alternatively you can upload gsm and wav files (with .gsm or .wav extensions) by selecting a file and clicking the "Upload" button. Files without extensions are assumed to be in .wav format.