DIDs (phone numbers) have to be maintained and assigned to Tenants only in Thirdlane Multi Tenant. In Thirdlane Business PBX, DIDs can be entered directly in Bulk Generator, and when creating Inbound Routes or User Extensions, so the DIDs section applies only to Multi Tenant version of Thirdlane.


You can create DIDs and then assign them to tenants as required. Once assigned to a tenant they can be used in creation of Inbound Routes or User Extensions, both in Bulk Generator or when creating individual User Extensions.

Existing DIDs are shown in a list, with a selector at the top of the screen that allows you to view all DIDs, DIDs that are assigned to tenants, unassigned DIDs, DIDs assigned to the currently selected tenant, or DIDs in use (assigned to User Extensions, Voice Menus, etc).

To add a range of DIDs, enter them in the "From" and "To" fields, to enter just one DID, enter it in the "From" field, and click "Add DIDs" button. If the "Assign" checkbox is checked, then the added DIDs will also be assigned to the currently selected Tenant.

When adding DIDs, "prepend" field allows adding prefix to a range of DIDs – this can be useful when DIDs may start with 0 or a +.

You can also create DIDs in bulk by uploading a file in CSV format.

To assign (unassigned) DIDs to the currently selected Tenant, select them and click "Assign Selected", to unassign assigned DIDs, select them and click "Unassign Selected". Note that you can not unassign DIDs that are in use - you would have to delete corresponding Inbound Route first.