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Directory Sync

Directory Sync section allows you to synchronize your PBX with the data stored in configured Directory Services (currently Microsoft Azure Active Directory).

Directory Sync‚Äč

Directory Sync

Click "Synchronize" button to perform synchronization manually. The system will also perform automatic synchronization which will occur hourly.

Note that there is a delay between information changes in Azure Active Directory and those changes being available for synchronization.

The following fields in Azure Active Directory user accounts will be synchronized with the PBX:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Work phone. This field will be used as an extension number for User Extensions in Thirdlane PBX

Synchronization works as follows:

1) If a user record is found in the Active Directory where there is no User Extension in Thirdlane PBX that matches its work number, the corresponding User Extension will be created in PBX. If a User Extension with the matching extension number (that was not created via synchronization) is found in PBX, it will be deleted and the corresponding User Extension will be created.
2) If a user record is deleted from the Active Directory and there is a User Extension in PBX that was created via synchronization, the User Extension in PBX will be deleted. 3) If any of the above fields change in the Active Directory, the corresponding fields in the PBX will be updated. In case of a change to the Work phone, the User Extension for the old Work phone will be deleted, and the User Extension for the new work phone will be created in the PBX.

Internally, the system uses an object identifier that indicates that the User Extension in PBX is related to a user account in the Active directory.