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We attempted the upgrade from version to version 10 and everything seemed fine but no extensions would register. We set the Network Interface settings and security settings properly and still no luck. Has anyone else experienced this issue?


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This question will need to be resolved before we can upgrade. We are not the same company as acraft above, but have been following all of this very closely since Connect got broken for our (many during CV19) extensions using it. We have been upgrading well before this wih just a few bugs since our first lat v7. or early v8 releases.

I have heard that fresh installs appear to work well, and haven't heard much about in place upgrades. If anyone else out there is either experiencing issues or waiting for news of a sucessful in place upgrade of production systems, please Pipe up to help get inertia moving for a fix.. More data is always better, IMO.

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FYI Andrew and worked together on the botched upgrade he mentions above. I have some notes I took that I'm gonna paste at the very bottom of this post.

We tried upgrading our production server first but had to restore after no extensions would register.

A couple of days later we downloaded and installed v9 on a lab server and attempted to upgrade to v10 but the gui would not function after the upgrade.

We tried a fresh install of v10 and all worked well. The network interface settings and security settings were identical to the v9 -> v10 upgrade settings we chose.

It would be nice for customers with current maintenance agreements to have access to temporary licenses (only good for 1 week or whatever) we can use to test things out in a lab before being forced to upgrade a production server and be out of service for several hours.

****************************** My notes below ******************************

After v9x to 10 upgrade, ALL extensions show For whatever reason not a single extension will register. I set everything correctly just as the docs explain. Not sure what it is until we test further and use nmap to trace activity. Can't find anything in the logs indicating an issue other than the typical slew of errors I've gotten used to seeing while performing these upgrades.

After v10 clean install, ALL extensions show No issues getting anything to register. Not sure why registered extensions show There is nothing in the ../asterisk/full log showing anything registered either (in v9x all you have to do is grep the log file for 'egistered SIP' to see which extensions registered and when.) Not sure why they went blank with the registered IPs in v10 unless I missed another new command or something in the gui - it's gonna make troubleshooting issues very difficult.

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I just want to point out that before the update to the v10 it is very important to read "UPDATE STEPS FOR THIS RELEASE" section from https://www.thirdlane.com/forum/thirdlane-unified-communications-platform-10-1-1-with-thirdlane-connect-2-5.

In the new version of the system, registration is handled by the Kamailio, not by the Asterisk anymore. This is why you will see Kamailio's socket in Asterisk everywhere (

You can see active registrations in the User Extensions window in the "Extended View" mode (">>" button in the top right corner next to the "Delete Selected" button). Please note that in further releases this information will be moved to a dedicated window. It will contain additional information about User Extension like successful registration and failed attempts... Your input on information to see there is welcome!

You can also use the following commands to get information about current registrations from the shell:

  • kamcmd htable.dump tl_extensions - shows all registrations
  • kamcmd ul.lookup location account - shows registrations for specified account. (please note that "account" must be replaced with "s:extension" on a single tenant system and with "extension-tenant" on a multi-tenant one)

I encourage you to look at that documentation for the new Security screen https://www.thirdlane.com/docs/platform/security. It should be adjusted according to your setup. Again, if you have any suggestions for improving this screen we are happy to hear them :)

It is useful to enable the "Log Rejected Requests" setting on the "Other Options" tab of the Security screen. Please note that any changes made in this screen affect active calls. The system will be logging rejected requests and the reason to the /var/log/rejected_requests.log log file.
It's recommended to whitelist all remote office public IP addresses in the Security screen. Otherwise, if there is one misconfigured phone, entire office can be banned for 15 minutes after 3 failed registration attempts.

You can always install a temporary system and use a trial license. And you can send an email to support@thirdlane.com if you need help.

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Hello Volodya,

Thank you for the reply.

I want to make it clear that we reviewed and followed the "Upgrade Steps for This Release" carefully prior to and during the upgrade attempt.

I appreciate the detailed information regarding Kamailio and figuring out what extensions are currently registered.

** The issue we had after upgrade is no extensions were able to register to our system. I realize at the time we did not know how to check which extensions were registered or not to make this determination but: the asterisk full log file is very telling when inbound calls come in - no extensions would ring and every call goes to voicemail. I kept some of the log files from the upgraded system prior to reverting back to v9.

** As I stated earlier the v10 trial worked just fine for us. It is the upgrade where we encountered issues. Volodya or Alex: please give us a trial license or some ability to test upgrading from V9 to V10. As I stated before we do not want to churn our customers any further by attempting an upgrade when we could test in a lab prior to upgrade to ensure things go smooth. We have tried calling twice about this and nobody has returned our calls. We are current on our maintenance until later in the month but it is hard to justify renewal when your upgrade attempt is a failure.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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Also, with regard to the Security Screen in v10 - I tried disabling the whitelist altogether and it made no difference. I also tried adding specific IPs to the list while enabled and it did not seem to make a difference either.

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We experienced the same issue on a fresh install lab system. The steps were followed and everything was setup identical to other systems which were working properly. Volodya told us to restart Webmin and then re-apply the network settings. This seems to have worked however we are not sure why the issue existed in the first place.

The new build relies heavily on Kamaillio, we are all going to need to get an education on that as it changes the functioning of the system and how it is managed dramatically.

Chris Cameron

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Hello Matt,

I would be happy to look at your system to make sure it's operational after the update. Let's coordinate this. You can reach me at support@thirdlane.com.