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I'd love to see a feature where I can dial into the system, hit a feature code (password) and get a dial tone to make an out going call.

this feature would allow you to call into the system, get a dial tone and make a call giving the caller the idea you are calling from the office while at the sametime not having to give our your cell or home phone to everyone.

anyone write anything like this already..?


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Looks like DISA is already written into Asterisk.

Check out these links:

I am new to the thirdlane product and do not know how to insert pure Asterisk commands.

Maybe someone can tell us how to do that.


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yeah I saw those and tested, the problem I and it seems other run into is when configured, you hit the feature code, the system prompts for a password or not, but as soon as you start to dial an external number is gives you a busy signal..

Alex, it looks like TL is already using this featuer in the IVR (Dial Phone#) can you tell us where this script is located (I can't find it) and with little modifications I think will do what we're looking for..

OR make another one like it that the user is prompted for the number to dial rather then hard setting it..


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Hi George,

I don't know if it would help, but the generated menus are in menus.include.

Alex Epshteyn
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